Thursday, January 31, 2008

Want a yummy Sangria, better not go to Virginia.

Exhibit A

Why are Sangrias are illegal in Virginia?

You heard it right. The state that allows anyone to own a gun, that allows people to own AK-47s and even some grenade launchers makes it illegal to have and to make a Sangria in Virginia. First of all, you have to be kidding me. I don't understand how some wine mixed brandy, fruit and soda is dangerous that it should be illegal? And this isn't just some out dated law either. This is legitimate. In fact recently, on January 25th, 2008 a Fairfax County resturant was caught serving sangrias, and was fined 2,000 for it too! The La Tasca restaurant in Alexandria, VA was fined, and forced to pour the 40 liters of the drink down the drain. The worst part of this Virginia's alcohol enforcing super agents, didn't even tell the resturant they were going to enforce it. Lots of states have silly laws on the books, but Virginia is probably the only state with the odacity to enforce it. Besides the fact, there are no plans to repel this law. I just find it crazy, Virginia allows AK-47s but not Sangrias. Now, I can understand their ban on Everclear, almost. At 95 proof, Everclear could do some serious damage to people who were not responsible. But Sangria? You have to got to be kidding me! A fruity girly drink is illegal but not a dangerous weapon that could a dozen people in less than a minute.

Exhibit B

What is more dangerous? Exhibit A or B? I think this is a really toughie, but I don't know about you.

Now, to some extent I am all for second amendment rights but on the other hand there is a point where it just gets ridiculous. Virginia is one of those states, who on earth has a need for a semi-automatic assault rifle? What? You think an entire bandit of angry liberals with an arsenal of Toyota Priuses are going to stampede your property in East Nowhere, Virginia? Please. I am all for allowing people to have hunting rifles, and for people to have a gun to defend themselves but at a certain point, it needs to stop. I understand it's hard to draw that line. But places like AK-47s and grenade launchers is where this line needs to end. But this post is not about Virginia's gun laws. It is about Virginia's pointless ban on Sangrias...really? Can anyone tell me that this a good law? If so, please explain.

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