Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I had the pleasure of growing up in the beauty that is the blue country of America. Massachusetts. In this land, of "gay marriage" and a sort of universal health care, a state where it is so blue you don't realize how blue it really is, it til you have leave for a place below the Mason-Dixon line (I'm trying to come up with a witty comparison to that and the name of my school, but so far nothing). A place where education is highly valued, and worldly knowledge is highly regarded by most. And once was the only state that voted for the Democratic candidate in a Presidential election. (Besides the district).

Instead I gave it up for a school--who released the report that Fox News was the most unbiased cable news network, the student who started Students for Concealed Carry on Campus. Now, perhaps my school is best known for it's "Cinderella Final Four" run in 2006. But there is no doubt, that despite the Barack Obama rally last winter, George Mason University is a conservative school, that harbors conservative ideals, has conservative professors, and conservative students, at least from my bias blue state perspective that is.

For example, my dear friend who is from Spotsylvania County, Virginia says compared where to he went to high school and other state Virginia schools, George Mason is liberal. I agree with him there, I am sure at this point University of Virginia and Virginia Tech indeed are more conservative than George Mason. However, I believe George Mason is not far behind. Probably, any Government major from Massachusetts who had liberal upbringing and an understanding of politics would agree with me. George Mason is in the process of changing from a commuter school to a school of esteemed academia, it is currently ranked 34th for law schools, which is a wonderful thing and in the process it is still finding it's self. However, it is not perhaps a "northern-friendly" as some in the school would like. And instead is finding it's new self being projected as very conservative on a national level.

When I tell people back at home where I attend they either comment on the final-four run or the fact it's extremely conservative.Is this really what the schools wants? To gain true prestige, I believe you must have the land of the Ivies, regard your school in high esteem. Maybe that is just me. To be seen as a conservative school, in the most "liberal" part of Virginia? So liberal these people like to distance themselves from the rest of the state and say they are from "Northern Virginia", instead of just Virginia. (Even Democrats in Northern Virginia have very conservative standards, but that's a different post).

Virginia it's self is very conservative, and I honestly can not believe I am there at. Virginia has second most executions of any US state, right after none other than Texas, a strict penal system, proposed bans on ridiculous things, and I could continue. Over my years at the University, I hope to document my experiences here. I hope you find them interesting and insightful. Even if you disagree.

Also, I am not saying there is anything wrong being conservative. It is just that this is about my experiences. I am not out there to slam the university. This is not my intention at all. I am just saying it is the way I view it. If you disagree, please feel free to leave comments or contact me through email.

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